Review: Finding Fraser by K.C. Dyer

Synopsis for Finding Fraser

Sometimes searching for true love can be a little…Outlandish.

I met Jamie Fraser when I was nineteen years old. He was tall, red-headed, and at our first meeting at least, a virgin. I fell in love hard, fast and completely. He knew how to ride a horse, wield a sword and stitch a wound. He was, in fact, the perfect man.

That he was fictional hardly entered into it.

At 29, Emma Sheridan’s life is a disaster and she’s tired of waiting for the perfect boyfriend to step from the pages of her favorite book. There’s only one place to look, and it means selling everything and leaving her world behind. With an unexpected collection of allies along the way, can Emma face down a naked fishmonger, a randy gnome, a perfidious thief, and even her own abdominal muscles on the journey to find her Fraser?

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book in any way.

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I was looking forward to reading Finding Fraser. As a reader who ends up falling in love with many love interests (and having a mile long list of book boyfriends as a result) I completely understood Emma’s urge to want to find a Jamie Fraser (from Outlander) of her own.

I was expecting an exciting and cute read and for the most part that’s exactly what I got. I did relate to Emma in one fun way. She’s a 29 year old video game lover and the few references to video games were nice to come across. I, too, am a fan of Dragon’s Age. However, that’s where our similarities ended. I found her to be a bit naive for someone her age. She was far too trusting and I thought some of the events that occurred to her were due to that.

I will say, though, that her naivety led to some crazy adventures and hilarious episodes that made me laugh out loud. The question that remained constantly in the back of my mind was who her Jamie Fraser would end up being. I kept wondering if every guy she met and talked to would end up being the one. I restrained myself time and again from flipping to the end just to find out who he would be. The further along I read, the harder it was to restrain myself because the story really felt like it was dragging on.

It went from an exciting search for her own Jamie Fraser to an uninteresting and dull self-discovery story. I kept wondering when the story would get back on track. One of the men she tried to force herself into thinking was her Jamie ended up being the most appalling man, and the fact that she kept making excuses to keep him around was beyond infuriating.

Sadly, I lost interest and couldn’t be happy for Emma like I wanted to. When I finished the book, instead of saying “Yay Emma!” all I could think was “Oh, Emma, you still have so much growing up to do.”

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