Half a Year Bookstagram Anniversary

My #bookstagram account, @bookwormeverlasting, just turned six months old – but I’ve actually been using Instagram much longer. I, like most people, started out on Instagram with a small personal account. It was a great alternative to Facebook for me, a place for me to share pictures of my children. When I graduated college I started reading novels for pleasure (as opposed to textbooks for classes) and this would have me posting the occasional reading meme or picture of a book to talk about. It received next to no reception and it bummed me out.

Sure, I had a friend or two who would read or a family member who reads, but absolutely no one who could relate with me when I became completely obsessed with a book. Sometimes a book could leave me crushed, moping around the house for days because I was in such a book hangover.

All I wanted to do was talk to someone about all the feels because I felt like I was going to explode if I didn’t! My husband would kindly listen, but I could tell he was secretly thinking I was crazy, especially when trying to explain to him why Will and Jem from The Infernal Devices were amazing and their love triangle with Tessa was perfectly okay. Try explaining that to someone who hasn’t read the series. It’s comical.

This obsession with books caused me to start looking up hashtags on instagram for #bookworm and I came across an account named @britbookboy. What an unbelievably gorgeous account! I wanted one so I created an account where I could specifically talk about books and share pictures of books I’m currently reading. My personal account is @bookwormandmom, which got me thinking what my book account name should be. I am a bookworm, have been since I was 8, and have no intention of ever quitting. Sounds everlasting to me and thus the account @bookwormeverlasting was made.


My very first picture was a stack of books I just bought. I simply put them on top of an end table and snapped a picture. I wasn’t thinking of lighting, arrangement, props, a background, nothing. I just wanted to talk about books. I had no idea, none whatsoever, that there was a book community called bookstagram. I had no clue that people put a lot of time and effort in their photos. I would put a book, or books on my bed, take a picture, post it, and call it a day.

It wasn’t until I noticed the hashtag #bookstagram that I got to wondering what that was about. I went searching on the internet for bookstagram and came across various blog posts. I found the most beautiful accounts and was amazed at their creativity when showcasing their books.

Thanks to them I have found inspiration. It’s not easy making sure my pictures are always up to par, but I at least found a place I could obsess about a book and not only not be judged, but have people join me.


In fact, I have a special group of friends that I speak to on a daily basis. These girls have been my support, my cheerleaders, my confidants, and the best girlfriends a person could ask for. We talk books all the time, but it has also gone further to more in-depth conversations. I can’t imagine going a day without talking to these ladies now. I met each one because of our bookstagram accounts. I am thankful for that everyday. I love you ladies @ifreakinlovebooks @littlebookwormig @dropandgivemenerdy @haibooklovers @outofthebex @booknerderie and @weereader 

Through bookstagram I have found some peace of mind as well. Several years ago I was diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety. I couldn’t sleep, I was easily irritable, claustrophobic, crying, wanting to scream, and rip my hair out. There would be days my husband could see the panic in my eyes and he knew it was going to be a long night for him too because he has always been so good at talking me down from the ledge, so to speak. Fortunately, the day I made my bookstagram account was the day that changed my life. Instead of my constant panic, stress, and worry, I found myself thinking of what book to post that I could talk about. I would think what props I could use, what background, a theme, colors, and on and on my mind would go.

I used to write in a journal every single day because I had to get out all my pent up emotions. I haven’t written in my journal in months. All my focus is now on being creative, how to bring my instagram followers beautiful pictures and fun conversations. Bookstagram has brought me a peace of mind that was impossible to imagine just six months ago.

Thank you so much to my followers, friends, and readers for your constant support the past six months. Here’s to another six more!

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