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March’s Culture Carton Reveal

Back in February I was introduced to Culture Carton and, honestly, was a bit blown away by just how good it was. It included a book I already wanted as well as a couple of goodies I could genuinely use. Getting a second box, then,

February’s Culture Carton Reveal & Review

There are many, many subscription boxes out there – Samantha is always telling me about them, but until Culture Carton came along, they were all pretty easily identifiable as being geared towards Samantha’s demographic, not mine. Now, though, there’s something on the market that seems

Q&A: Ashley Prentice Norton author of If You Left

Synopsis for If You Left For most of their marriage, Althea has fluctuated between extreme depressive and manic states — what she calls “the Tombs” and “the Visions” — and Oliver has been the steady hand that guided her to safety. This summer, Althea decides

July’s Nerdy Post Reveal

Nerdy Post is a new monthly subscription that sends out exclusively designed fandom posters, stickers, bookmarks, and other accoutrements. July’s Nerdy Post theme was A Game of Thrones and it was mind blowing! Alexis Lampley (creator of Nerdy Post) designs all the objects inside Nerdy

Jord Wood Watches

Jord Wood Watches are made from all types of wood: maple, rosewood, sandalwood, bamboo, and more. Now, I usually wear leather strap watches, so I was curious to see if a wooden watch would be comfortable to wear as well. To my surprise and pleasure,

May Novel Tea Club Box

This is the second Novel Tea Club monthly subscription box I have received and I’m thrilled to say that I’m still loving it! I have been a bookworm ever since I was a little girl, so finding a monthly subscription box with all the comforts

Taylor Town Shop Flashcards

Teaching a child their letters and numbers is an important task. It paves the road to success and enables our favorite pastime – reading. It can be daunting at times, so I always enjoyed incorporating fun activities when teaching my children their letters and numbers.

Bubble and Geek Lip Balm

Do you enjoy hoarding fandom paraphernalia? I know I do – ain’t no shame in my fangirl game! I fangirl over Supernatural, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Infernal Devices, and Outlander just to name a few. The latest addition to my fandom paraphernalia collection

May Mom ‘n Tot Box

I was so excited to receive my Mom ‘n Tot subscription box. My children love their toys and there was no shortage of them in this box, as well as apparel, activity items, and a little something for mom too! Inside the May Mom ‘n